Haicam: Approaching Cloud Security Cameras From a Different Angle

Haicam Trio.jpg

You may have never heard of Absolute Mobile Pty. Ltd out of Sydney Australia, but with their amazing product lineup for 2018, the previous statement won’t be true for much longer. 

Before month end, the company will launch their first cloud-based IP home security camera with end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Encryption technology has been utilized with text-based apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage. The message is encrypted in one device and sent that way via the internet, and is then decrypted after reaching the intended device. 

The Haicam End-To-End Encrypted Cloud NVR capable IP Camera will be available in a few days on Amazon, and then on several other selling channels in the near future. The encryption piece is one of the biggest selling points of the camera but not the only selling point. The camera allows for instant access to time-lapse video footage and also has a timeline swipe feature directly from the YouIpCams app. 

One of the other major features to set this camera apart from the rest is the NVR (network video recording) capability. Users can connect a third party camera by ONVIF or CGI API to our Haicam E2EE camera and then the existing camera will become a cloud camera with end-to-end encryption. 

The next two camera models will be launching at the beginning of February 2018 and will boast 1080p HD video resolution for an even clearer view of life from the camera’s lens. One of the cameras will also have pan/tilt functions. Visit www.youipcams.com for additional information about the available products from Absolute Mobile Pty. Ltd.