The Wait is OVER!!! Haicam S (E21) has arrived!

Haicam S (E21) Has Arrived

We are very pleased to announce that Haicam S (E21) has finally arrived! Starting today (January 19, 2018) our first Cloud Camera and NVR System with End-To-End Encryption will be available to purchase on for $99. Along with the rollout of the new product, we are offering an amazing promotion for our early adapters. The coupon gives users free 5 years of continuous cloud recording with a 24 hour cloud recording history *A $178 Value!!!*(coupon code and details at the bottom). 

Below you will find a brief overview of some of the key features of the camera: 

Haicam E2EE Camera encrypts video streams with End-to-End Encryption(E2EE) technology, you can feel safe having a camera in the baby room or any bedroom you may need to monitor.
Built-in E2EE cloud NVR system, you can connect a third party camera by ONVIF or CGI API to our Haicam E2EE camera then your existing camera will become a cloud camera with end-to-end encryption as well.
 Video history timeline swipe time machine and instant video history time-lapse access in iOS/Android mobile App, provided Apple TV4 or later, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV App to make a home multiple view video monitoring center.
Haicam S starts with a free 365 day cloud recording storage (first 30 day continuous recording and then motion recording) and you can view the video history in 24 hours. Upgrade and SD card supported.
 Video resolution 1280x720 with Night Vision & Two-Way Voice, Motion detection & Face detection supported.

Head over to Amazon now to purchase your camera!

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