Old Phones and Tablets for Home Security

Even the most optimistic person in today’s society knows that there are some people in this world that don’t have the best of intentions or motives. One of the most important topics that can be seen in the news, overheard at the workplace, or even brought to conversations at the dinner table is that of safety.

With these factors in place, households have been searching for affordable solutions to help them gain a sense of peace for the ones that they love the most. A relatively new and somewhat more affordable option that lots of families have discovered solicits the use of retired cell phones and tablets as security cameras. This has been a great discovery and it allows families to have that sense of peace and serenity without breaking the bank. However, it does mean that there is still the potential for an intrusion of privacy.

Wired Magazine has revealed a handful of techniques that hackers have used and will continue to use over the next few years. These hackers can easily take control of cameras inside your home and use the very same technology that was meant to keep you safe as a direct window into your most intimate moments of life. Without preparation, it can definitely be a scary thought to consider.  

There have been numerous reports of individuals hacking into nanny cams and extracting the images to then post online for others to see. Now is the time to take extra measures in order to prevent the evil doers from doing what they do best.  

We at YouIpCams have developed an E2EE camera that acts as a central hub for existing cameras (whether that be a 3rd party camera, tablet camera, or phone camera). The E2EE technology will then take any streaming video content from the devices linked to the hub and it will be encrypted and protected with the proprietary end to end encryption technology. The videos will also be decrypted in the mobile phones that are linked to the camera by each user. No third party can view the camera streams even if they were to intercept the stream or the raw packets.

Any device that is linked to the hub will inherit the encryption as well. Protection is the key here. Without encrypting the information everywhere besides the devices being used, every system in place is susceptible to a breach and ultimately a major security risk.

Using old phones and tablets as extra security cameras are a great way to breathe life into old technology without spending more money. These are going to be the best weapons in your arsenal against the hackers, and the tools to bring your security level back up to speed.

Best Tips for Securing Your Home

Whether you just purchased a home or you have been making a home for your own for 30 years, security is at the core. Secure your home with some of these helpful tips. 


This one may seem obvious, but it’s forgotten about more than you think. Locking a home when away and during sleeping hours is the first step towards achieving protection.


Not only is the overgrown shrub an eyesore for your neighbors, but it is also a means of cover for many perpetrators that are lurking around and looking for the next prime target. Trim the shrubs and weeds in your front yard to improve the curb appeal but also to show that you pay attention to details. 


This one ties back to the first point in that you need to take measures into securing your home. Adding accessories like a deadbolt lock onto your front door helps, but you can also accomplish this in other ways by adding curtains or shutters to your windows. 

This will make it more difficult to enter, and also deny them a clear vision point into your domain. Depending on preferences, you can also add a fence with a gate of some sort for added protection to your property. Lock up your expensive tools, bikes etc., away from plain sight as well so that potential intruders don't have an idea of what you own. 


The addition of motion sensors is always a great deterrent to potential burglars. While you can always add digital sensors in and around your house, something as simple as adding gravel around the house adds a nice aesthetic while allowing you to hear footsteps.

If you can, solicit the help of man’s best friend to be on guard. Often times, there is nothing scarier than hearing a fierce bark echoing through the hallways of your home.


Everyone needs time for holidays and vacations. From an outside perspective, it still needs to appear as though you are home. Take measure to have a neighbor or friend look after the house while you are away.

Add a home security system and camera to monitor activity while you are away. Most have apps that allow you to check on your home while you are away. 

Have the mail and newspaper delivery stopped or collected by a trustworthy neighbor.


The simple answer is no. Most intruders are intelligent enough to check in the exact places that people typically hide them (as clever as you may think you are). If you really need someone to check on your place while you are gone, hand them a copy of the key instead, so you know exactly where it is at all times.


Often times burglars will break into a house looking for specific items. Jewelry, expensive electronics, and cash can be found at the top of this list. But these days it is also common for smarter thieves to gather personal information to steal your identity. Because of this, it can be highly beneficial to invest in a lockable file cabinet to house important documents related to identity theft.


Congratulations! You have lived another successful year of life. Maybe you threw a party to celebrate. It is extremely advantageous to take the time to break down packaging before placing it in the trash can. Your neighbors don’t need to know that there is a $9,000 75” 4K HDR television set with all of the bells and whistles imaginable. Keep it discreet.


Take a day with the family to stage a mock break in. Have someone take notes and identify the weak areas so that measures can be taken to improve security. Make sure everyone knows who to contact, as well as when to contact the proper authorities when trouble arises.


Some of you will be more fortunate than others when it comes to the luck of the draw regarding who your neighbors will be. The bottom line is that your neighbors can be your best allies and a major part of your security strategy. Get to know them and determine whether or not they are on your side, or if they are the target.

This list is not all-encompassing, but it's a good place to start. All of the things mentioned along with some good old common sense will quickly help you gain and maintain a secure home.