Our Team

We are a small tech startup based in Sydney, Australia, but we have team members in China and Japan, and the USA as well! 


Frank he, ceo and founder (Sydney, Australia)

Frank is the founder and mastermind behind YouIPCams. He is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in the tech and home security industry. The app, the encryption, and the design of the camera is all done by himself. 


jacob whisnant, Global Brand Development manager (Texas, USA)

Rui pu, project and quality assurance manager

Derek liu, senior software engineer (china)

illidan zhou, senior software engineer (china)

chendong sun, graphic designer (china)


aimee chen, mobile app developer (china)

jerry wang, senior mobile app developer (china)


jianfeng wang, tv app developer (china)

Keshang wang, industrial designer (china)

Phoenix huang, software engineer (china)

shuai li, mobile app developer (china)

zhenhua yue, senior hardware engineer (china)

akira jiang, general manager (japan)


ajax wang, qa engineer (japan)

yuto sueki, qa engineer (japan)